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***This Proven Method Can Work Even If Your Child Feels Stuck, Confused, Doesn't Know What To Write About, Or Believes They're Not a Good Writer...

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There Are 4 Ways Your Child Can Write Their Admission Essay

If They Choose The Wrong One, It Could Cost Them Admission


Starting on Monday October 17, 2022
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



DAY 1 - How to use The multi million dollar "Hollywood" framework to outline a personal statement in Just 15 Minutes

✅ Simplify the writing process by following the 6-step framework used by the most memorable authors of the last 2,000 years.

✅ How to transform 'boring' life stories into thrilling adventures that stick with readers long after they finish reading it. 

✅ Discover what colleges really want to see in the essay.

✅ Feel confident that your child is using the most effective writing framework ever invented to capture & engage readers.

DAY 2 - How To Create Your Personal Statement Without Writing a SINGLE Word

✅ This technique instantly clears writer’s block and unlocks your child's creativity. 

✅ You’ll be amazed at how easy their unique story will flow out of them.

✅ Tools to overcome doubts about writing ability.

✅ They'll Enjoy stress-free writing and FUN experience.

DAY 3 - How To Craft An Unforgettable College Admission Essay From Your Authentic Self... Even If You Don't Have Time

✅ How to Overcome writer's block INSTANTLY

✅ How to Uncover an amazing topic for the personal statement/essay in minutes

✅ Project management tools your child can use the rest of their lives.

✅ Provides the structure and support your child needs to finish their essay before the deadline. No more waiting until the last minute!



"Bruce contributed greatly to her acceptance to all 5 chosen schools"

“…Bruce contributed greatly to her acceptance to all five chosen schools. I found that he worked to develop an essay that reflects the ideas, thoughts, and goals of the student, allowing them to develop meaningful, worthy expressions of themselves. He is their "coach," always considering the student's perspective. THANK YOU!”

-Denise L

"Bruce knows in essence what colleges are looking for"

“Bruce knows in essence what colleges are looking for. What he has to offer is immediate and tangible. He gave gentle guidance, like “hey, this is great, but consider this approach.” That was extremely important, separate and apart from college counselors.” 


" Helped me tremendously."

“You helped me tremendously. I appreciated how you guided me, but the final piece was my words.” 

– RA

"Admissions enjoyed my essay!"

"My acceptance letter had a note attached that they enjoyed my essay.” 

– NL

"My parent are astounded at the difference!"

"“Thank you for all of your help; this essay has come a long long long way.  My parents are astounded at the difference :)” 

– JT

"I just found out I got in!"

“I just wanted to thank you because I just found out I got in! I don’t think anyone else could’ve made that essay work!” 

- MG

"I learned a great deal from his help that I will take past the college application experience"

“Bruce aided me in restructuring an experience into an incredible essay. I learned a great deal from his help that I will take past the college application experience. He helped me polish what I was trying to communicate and refine how I framed the essay for the admissions officers as an audience.” 

- JL

"I came to him indecisive...and didn't know what I wanted to write about...I'm so grateful that I found him. He's amazing! Thank you Bruce!" - Matilda
"He helps me make it (The essay) sound more like me...He's brought out my own voice...Working with him has been a great opportunity!"  - Jessie

Meet Your Online Host

Bruce Jonas

I help students find their own voices and craft unique stories that will resonate with the gatekeepers of the schools they want to attend. My experiences in marketing and university recruitment trained me to listen to what makes people unique and write stories that persuade specific audiences like admissions officers:

  • Magna cum laude and honors graduate of Brown and M.A. from Johns Hopkins
  • Award-winning copywriter & storyteller for clients including American Express, T-Mobile, AT&T, and more.
  • Brown Alumni interviewer for potential student candidates
  • Helped dozens of students get into colleges including Cornell, MIT, Rice, Colgate, Amherst, and more
Our WRITE YOUR ADMISSION ESSAY NOW Challenge guides you every step of the way!
It's time to stop procrastinating and FINALLY TAKE ACTION!

It’s Time To Take The

WRITE YOUR Admission essay NOW challenge

Your Writing Challenge Questions Answered!

My child's English teacher, school counselor, parents, and friends are all giving me advice about my personal statement. Why do I need to take the challenge? 
Here you can get a comprehensive framework to follow plus insights on how to tell a story that will help admissions officers see you as a student on their campus. Instead of talking to lots of people who may not be writers, who may not have interviewed applicants, who may be giving you contradictory advice, get all you need in one place
I’m so stressed and have so many activities going on. How can I take the time for another course? 
The Entire FREE 3-day challenge is less than three hours total, but it could make the difference in your child getting into the colleges he/she wants. Because our framework is streamlined, it’s the fastest way to do a phenomenal job on their essay and because it’s so structured, it will actually reduce your stress!

My child feels they're not interesting. What are they supposed to write about? 
Your child is interesting! This time of their lives is ripe with change and challenge. They have a lot of stories to tell and we’ll bring out one that will best show admissions officers that you belong on their campus.

My child knows what he/she wants to write about. Why do they need the challenge? 
The topic is just the beginning. We’ll discover what topic will work best for your child, then help them turn any topic into a compelling essay that will speak directly to admissions officers. 
Look at it this way: one of my client’s parents is an essayist and novelist, but even he didn’t know what to tell his daughter about the personal statement. You need someone with a tested framework – to get you where you want to go.

My child says I'm totally on their case about the essay. Can you help me with that?  
We get that this is a tough time for parents and we want you both be confident in your son or daughter's ability. Let us guide him or her through the process, giving feedback along the way so he or she knows what works best!
Our essay framework will take care of everything from start-to-finish with timelines built specifically for kids' needs--and it'll keep everyone on track without feeling too overwhelmed or panic stricken

We can’t afford expensive consulting and coaching. How much do you cost?  
Then take our FREE 3-day challenge and learn the proven, 3-step framework for starting and finishing a stand-out personal statement. It’s what people have been using for thousands of years, but they don’t teach it in high school!

100% Money Back 30-Day Guarantee

If for any reason at all, if you aren't satisfied with our program... you have a full 30 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked.
From The Desk of Bruce Jonas
From The Desk of Bruce Jonas
Re: The Write Your Admission Essay NOW Challenge
Dear Parent,

Does this sound like you?

You have a high school junior or senior busy applying to competitive colleges and dreaming of getting accepted into their top schools.

Currently, you're focused on figuring out how to help them craft a stellar college admission essay that stands out from the other students and makes admission officers sit up and take notice.

Ultimately, you really just want to see the look on their face when they open the acceptance letter from the college they desire!

However, right this minute you would be thrilled if there was just a little switch that could unlock your child's creativity and empower them to write an original story. You know it will make college admissions officers read, remember and recognize the perfect fit for their institution.

But, unfortunately, they still have to figure out how and where to get started... As well as what topic to write about before they can move forward.

You're also probably really frustrated by the fact that your child just keeps putting it off. 

Well it's not their fault! Because all essays - especially college admission essays - are tough to write when you don't have a proven roadmap with time tested results. 

I know how that feels because as a professional copywriter I've been there myself... lots of times!

In fact, I struggled for years trying to answer this one question: "How can I get over this fear of putting pen to paper and just start writing from my authentic self?”

Chances are you've also struggled with the idea that helping your child write this essay is probably NOT a good idea, but also that your school may not be helpful, either. (which is bumming you out).

In fact, when it comes to writing this essay, you might even have a sneaky suspicion that college admission officers actually hope you and your child SUFFER!

When all is said and done, you don't want your child to spend hours agonizing over their essay.

You just want them to stand out from the competition with a powerful, unforgettable college admission essay that showcases their unique strengths and personality in a compelling way.

Oh, and the icing on the cake would be if your child could get their essay done in as little as three days!

If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite you to check out...

The Write Your Admission Essay NOW Challenge

                          - Bruce Jonas

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Let's Quickly Write A College Admission Essay That Boosts Your Child's Chances of Being Accepted Into Their Top Choice Schools By 84%"

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